About AC

Whether your HVAC & Refrigeration system has to survive the pounding waves of the Gulf or an assault from softball size hail, you want a dependable company that can design, build, install and maintain it. You want to ensure that the company you choose is as solid as the equipment you’re getting.

And that company should not only know what it’s doing but stand behind what it does. You want the company to maintain your systems to prevent breakdowns and in the event that they do, fix it fast. You’d also like the HVAC & Refrigeration company to reduce your utility bills.

That’s why you should choose Air Comfort, the unique HVAC & Refrigeration company that not only sells the equipment, but also fabricates it to suit your specific needs and whatever unique demanding environment you live or work in. Whether you’re a homeowner, commercial real estate owner, building contractor, factory owner or rig operator, Air Comfort will make the tough choice of an HVAC & Refrigeration provider easy.

Making the Tough Choice Easy

With over 60 years experience in the residential, commercial, industrial and marine sectors, we have the know-how to get things done right. Our reputation depends on it.

Quality, Integrity, Commitment and Safety: Not Just Words, They’re Our Business

We founded Air Comfort on the principle that we partner with our clients to deliver the highest quality products at a competitive cost with unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.

Our team embraces our commitment to excellence in everything we do.