What sets us apart from our competitors is our specialization in HVAC & Refrigeration and quality, personal service.

“In the overall assessment, Air Comfort has positioned itself as a premier supplier of HVAC systems for Shell’s offshore GOM projects. Having seen the effort that they have put into entire system from start to finish, and the design support they are providing for Appomattox, it is my opinion that they have earned that position.”

Walter P.
Jacobs Engineering Project Leader

Anything you need in HVAC & Refrigeration – from customized equipment to computerized monitoring – we can provide you. We also offer the following specialized services all from our facility:

In-house design

Equipment customization

In-house sheet metal fabrication

Building management controls

All of our capabilities in HVAC & Refrigeration for the industrial sector can be replicated for our marine and offshore clients, including:

Custom designs

Custom fabrication

Routine maintenance and service

Preventative maintenance

Our capabilities include:

On-site surveys anywhere in the world on land, air or sea

Load calculations

Duct designs and drawings

Equipment designs and drawings

All of our systems are designed to meet your unique specifications and that of:



U.S. Coast Guard